Selling Online

The cloth selling business can turn around your life if you know your target market’s needs. However, getting the business up and running can present numerous challenges. You have to find a competitive wholesale to source your clothes, find the best eCommerce store to list your items, set prices and shipping costs and sell. This is an uphill task, especially if you’re a beginner online seller. Luckily, we’ve alleviated the hassle of having to search for the best platforms out there by bringing you the top 5 online platforms you should consider to sell your clothes on:

1.   ThreadUp – A non-luxury platform for selling clothes online

ThreadUp is primarily a non-luxury clothing resale website. It’s best suited for people with a lot of clothes and who hardly find time to sort them out. Expect to set a low-medium price range for your clothes here. ThreadUp accepts new and near-new clothes for girls, boys, women, maternity, including infants and toddlers. The platform cuts off 20 to 40 percent commission upon reaching a minimum sales value of $60.

2.   Linda’s stuff – A great contemporary and luxury platform for selling clothes online

Linda’s stuff centers on modern and luxury merchandise for both men and women. The good thing about Linda’s stuff is that they do the bulk of the work for you such as pricing, photographing and listing of items on their platform. All you have to do is contact them by phone or email and have a conversation with a personal representative regarding sales of your clothes. After comprehensive consultation, you get a complimentary prepaid shipping label through your email, and you are good to go.

However, the site cuts a commission of 38% on clothes that sell for less than $1000. Any sale above that means the commission goes below 38%. Payments are credited to your account every month.

3.   Tradesy – Customer-to-customer platform for selling clothes online

Tradesy is, essentially, a customer-to-customer marketplace for selling clothes online. This means that your products do not go through the eCommerce headquarters for quality verification. However, Tradesy reduces your processing efforts significantly by offering you prepaid shipping labels and packaging materials. The site is also user-friendly as the Tradesy app walks you through the photographing and listing procedure. Tradesy charges customers for packaging and shipping. The site lists new to near-new clothing and is more focused on women clothing.

Each cloth has a price tag, but you’re free to negotiate prices with customers. Tradesy then deducts 9% commission on each sale.



1.   Grailed.com – A men-oriented Platform for selling clothes online

Grailed focuses mainly on men’s clothing. It works completely different from other stores. Once your clothes are listed on the site, buyers submit bids. The seller then accepts or rejects the bids. The buyer who submits an impressive bid gets the cloth. The seller takes care of the shipping cost. Although the customer base in Grailed is not big enough, customers are extremely loyal and style-opinionated. The site is frequented by late teenagers and the early thirties age demographic. Grailed takes 6% commission on any sale made. If you include the PayPal fee, the commission adds up to 10%.

2.   SnobSwap – A high-end platform for selling clothes online

This website is dedicated to professional women who have an average budget, but are more interested in constantly refreshing their looks. Here, you’ll stumble across labels like Tory Burch, Christian Louboutin, Coach, and Chanel. The listing price of clothes on this site ranges from $250 to $370. SnobSwap takes authenticity seriously. Every cloth is thoroughly verified before listing on the site. The whole process ensures that buyers get top end products, hence cultivating high levels of loyalty.

3.   Storenvy – Allows sellers to build their own platforms for selling clothes online

Storenvy operates uniquely from other online selling platforms. The site allows you to build your own store from scratch. It’s completely free to set up. The only catch is that you’ll be required to buy a domain name for $4.99 per month. Storenvy takes care of pretty much everything including monitoring your sales, search engine keywords, your store visitors, plus referring affiliates.